Oil Fresh Company

OIL FRESH we are a company dedicated to the service of oil change, basic maintenance and other services. our goal is to offer the best home service in a transparent and honest way. Because we work with quality, our largest supplier and oil of excellence is called Mobil 1.

Change the oil to your car just got personal

Never the mantenience of your car were that easy

get our services just from your phone.

Basic Oil Change

We go to your workplaces

The Service making the difference.

We work to maximize efficiency in energy consumption, correctly using the necessary resources for each service. As well as contributing to improve the quality of life of our clients.
We also minimize the pollution that highly polluting plastic waste produces on the environment through the use of lubricating oil drums.

Wherever you are we go

Great Service

Our objectives are to build customer loyalty through product sampling and special promotions, expand our service in different sectors of the city and diversify the business model and grow as a company.

This Service Now in Houston, katy, cypress and more

We go every mile for you.

We work to achieve the quality of service covering each requirement and suggestions for improvement for our services. We strive to deliver a service tailored to your needs.

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All Our Services

Oil Service Packages

All Services include:

  • Labour cost.
  • New filter.
  • Battery test.
  • Cleaning motor surface.
  • Check and adjust tire pressure.
  • Check signal, brake and taillights.
  • Check fluids.
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  • Cabin or motor air filter installation $10
    Parts and filter not included in installation price.
  • Headlight installation $8
    Parts not included in installation price.
  • Wiper blade installation $10
    Price includes cost of new blade and installation.
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Our services

  • Standard Oil Change $50
    Includes up to 5 quarts of conventional Oil.
  • High Mileage oil Change $ 60
    Includes up to 5 quarts of high mileage or semi-synthetic oil.
  • Full synthetic oil change $70
    Includes up to 5 quarts of Mobil 1 full synthetic.
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You can call us at 832-847-0792 or You can go to our website or Instagram (@oilfeshcompany) and make an appointment.